Where to Buy Revolution for Cats?

Where to Buy Revolution for Cats?


Dogs aren't the only pets who need to be protected from harmful parasites throughout the course of their lives. Cats can contract fleas, heartworms, hookworms, roundworms, and ear mites in the same way dogs can, and the risks are the same. Pet owners of both are lucky that there's been so many advances in veterinary care over the years, and there are many different medications that can be used to eliminate these parasites and prevent them from re-establishing themselves. Revolution (aka Stronghold) is one of them, and it's popular because it's a spot-on topical flea killer for cats that's applied once a month and is proven effective.

So, where to buy Revolution for cats? Because its’s a UTC (under-the-counter) medication you must have a prescription from a veterinarian in order to purchase it from a pharmacy that’s able to dispense pet medications. This is the same for other flea medications like Frontline Plus and Advantage. There are usually many such pharmacies in any city or town but ordering pet medication online from Canada is often a better choice for getting the best price. You can order Revolution for cats right here from Total Pet Supply.

How Effective is Revolution for Killing Fleas, Worms, and Mites?

The active ingredient in Revolution for cats is Selamectin, a parasiticide that comes into direct contact and is lethal for fleas and ticks. It is also then absorbed through the skin and is similarly effective for eliminating internal worms. It is applied to the back of the cat’s neck, and you only need to do so once a month. Revolution for cats is quick to take effect, killing most fleas and ticks within 12 hours of application as well also eliminating flea larvae and preventing eggs from hatching.

The spray becomes waterproof after 2 hours and so the animal is free to be exposed to water after that time. However, the cat’s fur must be completely dry at time of application.

A single does of Revolution flea and worm medication for cats is often enough to knock out all unwelcome guests, and there are two dosage sizes based on the cat’s weight

  • Pink package - Cats up to 5lbs
  • Blue package - Cats from 5.1 to 15lbs

Pet owners should be advised that it can take up to one month to see a difference and that the medication has been effective. This is because the medication is equally focused on killing fleas and preventing them from hatching from eggs into larvae, and it takes approximately one month for eggs to be laid and then hatch.

Ideally, this topical flea medication for cats should start to be administered one month before fleas become active during flea season. When administered most ideally, Revolution for cats has been shown to kill 98% of fleas within 36 hours.

Purchasing Advantages for Revolution for Cats from TPS

As mentioned, anyone wondering where to buy Revolution for cats will be pleased to know that ordering discounted pet medication online from Canada is a viable option for getting the meds you pet needs at the very best prices. Total Pet Supply has supplier agreements and other advantages that allow them to offer those types of prices for Revolution for cats. Another reason to make TPS the answer for where to buy Revolution for cats? How about any of these:

  • A 125% price match guarantee – Total Pet Supply will beat any lower price on this flea medication by 25% of the difference in price offered by a different retailer (conditions and terms apply)
  • Every customer referral will get you a $10 credit
  • Your choice of 3 shipping options – free standard shipping on orders over $99 / standard shipping for $15 on every order placed over 1 year / $9.95 pay-as-you-go standard shipping for each order

If after speaking to your veterinarian and they feel that that a different prescription flea and tick medication is a better choice for your cat, then Total Pet Supply also has other products available. Among them are Capstar, Comfortis, Heartgard Plus, Nuheart, Bravecto, and Interceptor Spectrum.

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