Bravecto For Small Dogs Dealing with Fleas and Ticks

Bravecto For Small Dogs Dealing with Fleas and Ticks


Pet owners hate nothing more than dealing with fleas and tick. They will do anything to prevent these infestations from entering the lives of their pets, especially those with small dogs. Once fleas and ticks are set, it is not enough to simply treat your pet, you must also do a deep cleansing of your house. Although, there is no way to completely get rid of fleas and ticks, there is a solution for killing and preventing them from torturing your pet. You must use an effective flea and tick prevention medicine. Small dog owners are more limited in their selection of a safe medicine. This is because many products are only for medium or big dogs. One of the best and safest products available for small dog owners is Bravecto chewable tablets for small dogs.

Why are Fleas and Ticks Dangerous?

Both fleas and ticks are extremely dangerous if your small dog becomes infected. Fleas are a common parasite with a long lifecycle that carry serious, and sometimes deadly diseases. The real danger is if your small dog eats an infected flea while scratching. An infected flea carries larvae that turns into a tapeworm internally.  Ticks on the other hand attack your dog by feeding on its blood which could not only lead to anemia. Even worse, ticks could also infect your dog with Lyme disease which can lead to arthritis or Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Both fleas and ticks can affect human pet owners as fleas can get in furniture and bedding, and ticks can attach and feed on humans.

What is Bravecto for Small Dogs?

Bravecto is a medication with the active ingredient Fluralaner that controls and kills fleas and ticks for up to 12 weeks in dogs. It is Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved. Bravecto can treat current as well as future infestation within 2 hours of administering the first dose. It has a success rate of killing 100% of fleas and ticks as early as in the first 48 hours of use.

Why Buy Bravecto Chewable Tablets for Small Dogs?

There are many products out there that treat fleas, and there are many products that deal with ticks. Bravecto for small dogs treats both fleas and ticks in one dose. This reduces the cost of purchasing two different medicines for your dog. It also makes it easier to not forget one or the other.

An additional benefit of Bravecto is that it kills fleas within 2 hours. It also controls 4 tick species: black-legged tick (deer tick), American dog tick, brown dog tick, and lone star tick. One dose of Bravecto for small dogs lasts 12 weeks. One single dose is tested against the competition and found to be comparable to 3 monthly doses of the other products on the market. 

Bravecto can safely be given to small dogs over 6 months of age and weighing 4.4 lbs and more. It is also safe for use in breeding, pregnant, and lactating female dogs unlike other flea and tick prevention medications on the market. Bravecto for small dogs also does not have any known drug interactions, and no serious adverse reactions have been reported. If a healthy dog happens to vomit within three hours after eating, another dose can be given. However, we suggest that you check with a vet to determine if you should redose. 

Direction of Use:

Bravecto chewable tablets for small dogs are easy to administer as they are a beef flavour. Field studies have shown that 93% of dogs ate them voluntarily alone or with food. Bravecto for small dogs does not contain any wheat or gluten therefore is safe for dogs with an allergy or intolerance. They can be given either a treat or you can mix it in with food. If your small dog happens to not enjoy the taste, the tablet can be broken or crumbled and mixed with food. It is important that dog owners make sure your dog eats the entire dosage to ensure full protection and effectiveness. As it is a chewable tablet, there are no restrictions for your dog getting wet unlike topical treatments. 


When administering Bravecto chewable tablets for small dogs, dog owners should consult a veterinarian to see if this is the right product for them and find the correct dosage. Bravecto for small dogs is recommended at less than 250 mg of Fluralaner, but the dosage breakdown is as follows:


Fluralaner Content (mg)

Body Weight Range (lb)

Dog Size

1000 mg

44.0 – 88.0 lbs

Large dogs

500 mg

22.0 – 44.0 lbs

Medium-sized dogs

250 mg

9.9 – 22.0 lbs

Small dogs

112.5 mg

4.4 – 9.9 lbs

Toy dogs


Bravecto for Small Dogs Reviews

Bravecto for small dogs’ reviews are all overwhelmingly pleasant. Dog owners and veterinarians rave of the many benefits offered by Bravecto and how using this product has been life-changing. Testimonials show how Bravecto has not only changed, but also saved the lives of many dogs.

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