Prevent Fleas and Ticks: What is the Best Frontline for Dogs?

What Is The Best Frontline for Dogs


Most dog owners may think that killing fleas is serious business, as nobody likes seeing their dog scratching incessantly and being in obvious distress. There are several different flea killer topicals, but for some dog’s ticks can be a problem too. And while flea bites are nasty, the fact that ticks can spread diseases may make them even more of a threat. Frontline Plus is one of the better flea and tick combo medications, and pet owners like that they give it to their dog once a month. What is the best Frontline for dogs? That will depend on just one simple determiner – your dog’s weight.

Speak with a veterinarian and he or she will almost certainly tell you that flea shampoos and flea collars do work, but if you really want to control fleas and ticks, then your best bet is to use a flea and tick spray. Some owners use a flea shampoo along with their flea and tick killer but in all honesty, flea collars don’t do much in terms of effective flea control.

So, what is the best frontline for dogs? A topical flea and tick treatment is much better as well as convenient, and everyone appreciates convenience these days. Ordering pet medication online is a part of that. Your can order Frontline for Dogs online and might find that you get a better price on it or another once-a-month flea and tick solution.

Best Flea Control for Dogs

You’ve probably heard the expression ‘nipping it in the bud’ before, right? Of course, we’re not talking about plants of any sort, but it will always relate to growth in some way or another – and in this case preventing growth. So when we say fleas and ticks are a problem that you need to nip in the bud, meaning you don’t want to delay flea treatment and risk your dog getting flea allergy dermatitis or even have flea bites develop into mange – which is the worst case scenario here. And really what’s best is to prevent fleas before they have a chance to really build up their numbers.

So now we have an idea of what is the best Frontline for dogs and understand that all the different dosage strengths work in the same way as both a flea killer AND a flea preventative. The prevention end of it is this – this medication kills fleas and kills flea larvae (eggs) so there’s much less of a chance that the fleas can re-establish their ranks under your dog’s fur. A lot of dog owners enjoy giving their dog a bath the next day after administering the flea solution and seeing how many of them have been eliminated.

The parasite prevention appeal doesn’t end there either, as Frontline for Dogs is a flea and tick killer than also works against chewing lice which is a great factor into what is the best frontline for dogs.

Lice can be just as tormenting as fleas are for dogs, although they don’t come with the risk of Lyme disease like ticks do. Ticks are more common in certain areas of the USA, so if you live in one of them then using a combo flea and tick med like Frontline for dogs is even more of a smart choice.

Nothing to do with what is the best Frontline for dogs, but you might be surprised to learn that Massachusetts is the State that has the biggest problem with ticks spreading diseases to dogs. Folks in any of these states will want to have added tick protection to go along with the best OTC flea treatment for dogs.

Waterproof Flea Prevention and Control

Another good aspect of Frontline for dog’s flea solution is that it’s waterproof. With some other flea and tick combo medications you need to keep your dog out of the water or not bathe them for some time after applying the tick and flea prevention solution on the base of your pet’s neck. This is not the case with Frontline Plus, as it’s a waterproof flea spray and your dog is free to jump in the lake right after if they’d like.

Let’s wrap up with the actual guidelines for what is the best Frontline for dogs. This is the same information you’d find on the actual packaging for this flea and tick killer, but you can reference it here if you like, that way you’ll be able to order the right one without having to think about it any more than you need to. And if you have cats in your family too then Frontline for cats flea and tick is also available.

  • Frontline Plus for Dogs 5 – 22 pounds in size
  • Frontline Plus for Dogs 23 – 44 pounds in size
  • Frontline Plus for Dogs 45 - 88 pounds in size
  • Frontline Plus for Dogs 89 – 132 pounds in size

What is the best Frontline for dogs? Choosing the right dosage strength based on your dog’s weight is going to be all you need to know, and you’ll soon realize that Frontline is an effective flea and tick prevention medication that also kills lice for dogs.

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