What is Revolution for Dogs?

What is Revolution for Dogs?


Revolution for Dogs (Selamectin) is an all-in-one medication solution for preventing pests and parasites from continuing to bother your dog. Whether they have fleas, ear mites, ticks, or scabies they can be rid of them quickly, easily, and effectively by administering this medication for your dog. In addition, Revolution (also known as Stronghold) helps to prevent heartworm disease in dogs. It is an affordable flea medication for dogs that also prevents flea infestations for dogs by preventing flea eggs from hatching. Ask where to buy Revolution for dogs and get the best price and you should expect to receive this answer; the best prices on pet medications are always found at Total Pet Supply.

Revolution is known to be one of the best medications for fleas, but there’s a whole host of other reasons why it’s recommended as a multi-parasite and disease prevention solution for dogs. Let’s have a look at all of them here today, as well as add some other facts that definitely add to the appeal of giving your dog Revolution to ensure their continued health and well being.

Getting to Know the Targets – And Targeting Them!

The appeal of Revolution is that it eliminates a variety of parasites, not just fleas. We’ll touch on all of them – as well as where to buy Revolution for dogs – here one by one and discuss how Revolution is best administered to target that particular type of parasite with the medication.


A flea that takes up residence hidden on your dog’s skin under their fur will spend its entire life there, feeding on the dog’s blood. That is, unless you do something about it! If your dog is scratching any part of its body incessantly, or has excessive hair loss, or black specks found on the skin and coat or in the dog’s bedding then those are good indications the animal has fleas.

Flea bites and the itchy nuisance of them isn’t the only risk for the dog here. Flea bites can also trigger secondary bacterial infections and more serious allergic reactions – including flea allergy dermatitis. Fleas can breed indoors all year, and adult fleas can produce up to 40 or 50 eggs per day.

Revolution kills fleas and impairs the development of flea eggs so they don’t hatch. It’s best to continue using it as part of a flea prevention maintenance regimen for your dog, and we definitely know where to buy Revolution for dogs at the best price – Total Pet Supply.

Ear Mites

These nasty little pests will take up residence in your dog’s ear canal and their bites can cause him or her a great deal of irritation and discomfort. Much like as it is with fleas, you can use Revolution to deal with an existing infestation, but the best way to use it is as an ongoing preventative measure.

Signs of an ear mite infestation are:

  • Intense and frequent head shaking
  • Red and painful ears
  • Scratching and pawing at the ears
  • Itchy skin around ears, head, and neck
  • Crusting around the outer ear
  • Odor from ear, and in some cases a dark brown, crusty and waxy discharge from the ears

Next thing you’ll want to know is ear mites are highly contagious and can be spread from pet to pet or, in rarer instances, from pets to humans. Revolution has the ability to wipe out the entire colony of them with regular administering of the medication. The ear mites won’t stand a chance, and of course you now know where to buy Revolution for dogs.


The American dog tick is found in most areas of the country, and the biggest of the risks it has for your dogs is the possibility of transmitting a very serious disease – Rocky Mountain spotted fever. In worst cases it can cause paralysis or be fatal for dogs, and we imagine that’s reason enough for you to want the very best defence for your dog.

A monthly dose of Revolution will guard your dog against tick infestations and any risk of complications that come with them. Revolution is the smart choice for protecting dogs from infestations and diseases, and Total Pet Supply is your number one choice for where to buy Revolution for dogs.


It’s in discussing these horrible parasites that we firmly place the ‘dual-threat’ tag on Revolution as it concerns ways to keep your dog healthy. Not only does Revolution combat fleas, ticks, and mites, but it also neutralizes the threat of a heartworm infestation too. The heartworm larvae are passed to the dog via a mosquito bite, and we can all agree that’s it’s impossible to prevent mosquito bites. Monthly administering of Revolution, however, means these larvae will die long before they have any chance to mature into heartworms.

Again, Revolution is a very affordable medication for dogs and when used in a proactive and preventative capacity it can prevent heartworm disease AND all the unpleasantness and added health risks that come with fleas, ticks, and mites too.

We can’t recommend Revolution strongly enough, because it really is a dual-threat medication for dogs that eliminates parasites of all sorts and prevents disease.