Feline Freedom from Parasites: Revolution Plus for Cats

Revolution Plus for Cats is an effective flea control medication


While it’s only the entomologists among us that are genuinely fond of insects, the truth is that most of us are okay with them for the most part. The exception to all of that, of course, is with the mosquitoes, blackflies, ticks, and fleas of the world – insects that cross the line and bite. Now us humans may have one heck of a problem with mosquitoes and blackflies in the summertime, and ticks to a lesser extent, but our lack of a fur coat means fleas aren’t as much of a nuisance.

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For dogs and cats, however, they’re a huge problem and that’s why cat owners are always looking for an effective flea killer medication like Revolution Plus for Cats. Not only do fleas bite cats, but they bite them A LOT. It’s estimated that even as few as 4 female fleas can end up biting a dog or cat up to 1600 times! Enough said – it’s super important to give your cat the protection it needs against these super pesky parasites and the Revolution Plus for cats reviews are all very favorable.

The good stuff doesn’t end there. Revolution Plus for cats is also an effective heartworm medication for cats and will kill hookworms, roundworms, and ear mites too. Defending against all of them is important, but especially heartworm because it can often go undetected until it’s too late to save the pet’s life.

So – vigilance people, and prevention with Revolution Plus for Cats! And while we’re on the topic of keeping cats healthy – and alive – why not mix an amazing cat survival story into all of this? Right then.

What Makes a Good Flea (and Tick) Medication for Cats?

Turns out it’s kind of a one-and-the-same arrangement. Let’s start by mentioning that Revolution Plus is Zoetis’ (the pharma manufacturer) improvement on its predecessor, Revolution for cats. It was able to eliminate 5 of the 6 pests that Revolution Plus for cats does, but not ticks.

Now considering that ticks are becoming much more prevalent across more and more of North America these days, that makes Revolution Plus for cats an excellent choice as a dual-threat flea spray for cats. And then when you add in the fact is also kills parasitic worms it’s easy to include it as one of the best choices pet owners have.

We won’t spend a whole lot of time talking about the parasiticidal (yep, there’s the big word of the day) chemical ingredients in Revolution Plus. Selamectin is the first of two, and it kills fleas, worms and ticks by inhibiting and the electrical activity of nerve cells. To get right to it, what this does is it causes the muscle cells in the insects to become paralyzed and they die as a result of not being able to maintain life functions – a heartbeat most notably.

Sarolaner is the second one. It’s for fleas too, but it’s the ingredient that stretches Revolution for Cats potency to ticks and ear mites too. To get technical again briefly, Sarolaner works by blocking certain neurotransmitters add this leads to insect death from nerve hyperstimulation.

What Makes a Safe Flea Medication for Cats?

A big part of what has made Revolution Plus for cats such a popular choice for pet owners is that it’s proven safe. For starters, it’s FDA (US food and drug administration) approved and that means it’s tested to be safe for pets.  And not only is it safe to use and only has temporary loss of appetite and short-term lethargy (lack of energy and regular levels of activity), but it’s also safe to use with cats that are pregnant or breast-feeding kittens.

Against All Odds

Alright, we promised to keep things interesting here and that’s exactly what we’re going to do. Most of you will have heard the age-old expression that a cat has 9 lives, and this story may well prove that’s true.

This is the survival story of a cat named Ruthie Rosemary. She was living a happy life with her owners in rural California when the devastating wildfires of 2015 arrived. Her owners were forced to flee their home with almost no time to spare, and unfortunately, they couldn’t find their beloved cat in time.

Seeing photos of the fire completely engulfing their home and the property around it, they assumed that Ruthie Rosemary had perished. However, once the fires had subsided and they returned to their home they made an amazing discovery. Ruthie Rosemary had hidden under their truck and somehow survived the inferno that had raged all around here and reached temperatures in excess of 800 degrees all around her.

What’s more amazing is the Ruthie Rosemary was no worse for wear outside of singed whiskers and eyebrows! After such an ordeal we can safely assume that fleas are going to be the last of the concerns both Ruthie Rosemary and her owners will have.

Revolution Plus for Cats Reviews

As you might expect, the majority of Revolution Plus for Cats Reviews are positive. Zoetis Petcare has an excellent reputation for the quality, efficacy, and safety of their products, and Revolution Plus for Cats is no exception. Here’s a few of them:

I use this on my 3 cats. Works very well and none of them have ever had any reactions. They all have different hair lengths and different body sizes and weights. I’ll continue using this product and I like how it’s reasonably priced too.’ – Jeannette, Atlanta GA

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We live in a very rural area of our State and this often means more in the way of risks of fleas and other parasites. Revolution plus was recommended to me by my neighbor and so I decided to get some of it from the pet store. It’s always worked well and I don’t seen any need to use a different flea medication for cats. All pleased here.’ - Carrie, Colorado

Up until recently I was using a different cat flea medication along with a flea collar before ordering Revolution Plus. I don’t know if it’s entirely effective, but most of my cats seem to be scratching less and I’ve only found 1 flea on either of them since. I think this is a good product.’ – Lorraine, Baltimore MD

Safe to say these and all the many other Revolution Plus for Cats reviews indicate that this is quality flea control product for cats, and here’s to Ruthie Rosemary and her amazing story of survival.

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