Better Flea Vanquisher – Revolution Plus or Frontline Plus for Cats

Revolution Plus or Frontline Plus for Cat. Find out which is better.


Most cat owners will understand that as much as they’d wish there was a way to completely eliminate fleas and other pests, they are always going to be around. After mosquitoes and blackflies, fleas and ticks probably come in 3rd and 4th as the most hated parasites here in North America. While mosquitoes and blackflies are a nuisance for us, fleas and ticks are more so ones for our pets. The problem of course is in the fact that it’s not as easy for dogs and cats to get ride of fleas and ticks as it is for us to shoo away a mosquito or a blackfly. Two of the best flea meds for cats are Revolution Plus or Frontline Plus for cats.

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Is one better than the other? Both are effective flea medications for cats that also work to kill ticks too, and both are safe medications that work reliably well for eliminating these pests. The many positive Revolution Plus for cats reviews make this very clear, and the ones for Frontline Plus for cats suggest the same for that medication.

There are differences, however, so let’s have a look at those here. And in the interest of keeping things interesting and engaging we’ll also share some interesting cat facts, including why cats are crazy for catnip. How does that sound?

Comparing the Two

When a cat owner is weighing Revolution Plus or Frontline Plus for cats, the first thing that’s helpful to understand is that Revolution Plus is a more broad-spectrum parasiticide. It not only kills fleas and ticks, but also kills heartworms, hookworms, and roundworms. Not to take away from the effectiveness of Frontline Plus, but it only works to kills fleas and ticks.

For cats that spend a great deal of time outdoors, the risk of a heartworm infection is increased. Hookworm and roundworm infestations are a problem in their own right, but the reason heartworms are so feared is that they are often undetected before the cat is at risk of losing their life due to the parasite. For that reason, Revolution Plus is likely a better choice if your cat is free to wander outside of your home as much as it likes.

Another consideration when it’s either Revolution Plus or Frontline Plus for cats for your pet is that Revolution Plus is also effective for countering ear mites, while Frontline Plus doesn’t protect against them.

Prescription Required / No Prescription Required

Is a visit to the veterinarian’s office problematic for you? For many cat owners it will be, and for these people Frontline Plus has the advantage of being available without a prescription. Alternately, if you prefer Revolution Plus then you’ll need to get a veterinarian’s prescription to purchase it.

Different Channels

The next consideration we’ll look at in our determination whether Revolution Plus or Frontline Plus for cats is a better choice is exactly how they’re effective in eliminating parasites. Both these meds are topical spray applications, meaning they’re applied to skin and not taken orally as is the case with many pet medications.

From there, each takes a different route of absorption and dispersal to combat fleas and ticks (and parasitic worms in the case of Revolution Plus). Revolution Plus is absorbed into the bloodstream, while Frontline Plus is absorbed through the sebaceous (oil) glands on the cat’s skin. One factor that needs to be mentioned here is that as many cats age their sebaceous oil-producing glands do not work as efficiently as they did when the cat was younger.

An older cat with inefficient sebaceous gland function may not get the same effectiveness from Frontline Plus. On the other hands, Revolution Plus is seen to be effective for cats no matter their age.

Cats are Quite Something!

Right then, we promised some interesting cat facts and so we must deliver them. Many people have surmised over the years that catnip is something of an intoxicating narcotic for cats. How much truth is there to that? What we do know is that catnip contains a chemical called ‘nepetalactone’ that is released when the leaves of it are crushed. What it then does is mimic certain feline pheromones that prompt the cat seek facial stimulation.

This is why cats who have had catnip seem to be obsessed pressing their faces against anything and everything and rubbing away, and being ‘frisky’ as the expression commonly goes.

Now here’s something that will really make you regard cats as amazing animals. A study by the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association has found that a cat can survive a fall from up to 5.5 stories in the air (nearly 60 feet)! That’s right, most cats have the ability to take that kind of a freefall tumble and survive. They may not walk away from the fall uninjured but they’ll likely survive. Ask a dog to do that and the dog will definitely be a goner. And a human? Forget about it.

However, it should be said that just because they can doesn’t mean they will.

How is this possible? Well, for starters cats have a relatively large surface area in proportion to their body weight. This reduces the force at which they hit the ground. Then there’s this; terminal velocity is the speed with which downward pull of gravity is matched by the upwards push of wind resistance. Cats reach this speed at a drastically slower rate than most other animals.

Between both factors (and others) it makes it so that cats can fall from these high distances and not be critically injured from the fall. An example? There was a cat in New York who is reported to have fallen THIRTY-TWO stories and only suffered a collapsed lung and a chipped tooth. It did of course require medical attention and a couple nights in the vet’s hospital, but it survived.

Buy Revolution or Frontline Plus for Cats for Less

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As mentioned, nearly all the Revolution Plus for cats reviews are positive, and the same can be said for Frontline Plus for cats reviews. They’re both good products, but in conclusion here we can say that maybe Revolution Plus gets the nod as it takes on worms and ear mites to. However, Frontline Plus has the advantage of being available without a prescription.


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