Pandemic Pet Adoption? Some Basics for Dog and Cat Health

Pademic Pet Adoption


No matter where you live on the globe, this pandemic has been awful and the way it’s turned everyone’s lives upside down has been a real bummer. But what can you do besides just do your part and be socially responsible for doing your part to get us all past this as soon as possible. For most of us that’s meant more time at home, and that part of it hasn’t been all bad. In fact for many people it’s made them appreciate family even more, and sometimes so much so that they’ve decided to get a pet.

It’s being reported now that pet adoption during the pandemic has exploded over the last year, and that animal shelters open for adoptions don’t have very many dogs or cats left to adopt in some cases. If you’re an animal lover that’s definitely going to be good news in what’s been a sea of bad news all through the last year. So if you feel that an adopted or rescued dog or cat will be perfect for the two of you or your family, we say go for it!

We add rescued animals there too because many times it’s these dogs and cats that have been in bad situations that are most in need of a loving, caring, and safe home. People have said you feel incredibly good about yourself giving a new chance to an animal this way, and we certainly can believe that’s true. One thing you’ll need to do with your new pet is make sure it has the right vaccinations, as well as getting your new pet started on the right preventative medications.

For the first part of that you’ll need to see your local veterinarian. Now way around that, but if the price for the Rx meds for a dog or cat are too much for you locally then you can – and should – look into ordering pet medications online from Canada. Quite often you’ll get a better price, and that’s good for many reasons. Including the fact that a lot of these same families adopting pets during the pandemic will be feeling the same pinch that other families are during this tough time.

Let’s have a look at what are the basics for health for newly adopted dogs or cats.

Priority Number One

You might think that priority number one here might be a flea and tick killer medication. While logic might suggest you’re on the right track, those pesky parasites aren’t the ones that have the ability to do the most harm to your new adopted pet. That’s heartworms, and they really are horrible things that attack an animal’s in a very stealthy way. Unfortunately, it’s often too late by the time pet owners realize their pet has these nasty worms.

So you should do what most other pet owners do, and that’s give your dog or cat a once-a-month dewormer medication like Nuheart or another good worm prevention medication for dogs. But keep in mind as well that heartworms aren’t the only type of worm you need to concern yourself. It’s just that they are the most dangerous. Hookworms, whipworms, roundworms, and tapeworms are potential invaders too.

The good news here for pet adoptions and choices for new owners is that you can get a combination worm killer medication like Interceptor Spectrum that kills all of them. That makes it a great choice for sure. Set your new pet up with a monthly regimen of one flea and tick preventative and one dewormer medication and you’ll have the basics covered here.

Pets and COVID?

As mentioned, it’s because of the new ‘life’ realities created by the global response to the pandemic that has so many pets being adopted. Every family on earth is concerned about members of theirs possibly getting the Coronavirus, so why wouldn’t they have that same concern for the new ‘furrier’ addition to the family. People have been wondering if pets can get COVID-19, and it appears it is possible.

Now of course that doesn’t mean you need to freak out if your new dog or cat is spending a lot of time outside the house. It’s probably not that big a deal, but it might be a reason not to let your dogs get up close with strangers for the next little while. Apparently ferrets can get COVID quite readily too, and of course the biggest part of the risk is that you can get COVID from your pet if they’ve contracted it.

With all this said, it’s still no reason to not joint the club and do something great – namely, bringing a pet into your life and giving them the loving home they really need. It is ALWAYS the most beneficial of mutually-beneficial relationships!

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