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It’s fair to say that anyone who doesn’t understand the bond that develops between a pet and a pet owner has very likely never had one. If you have a pet you clearly know that your ‘fur baby’ or whatever other type of pet it is takes up residence in your heart pretty much as soon as they arrive home with you for the first time. They’re family, and you treat them as such. Keeping them in good health is a priority, of course, but sometimes pet medications can be too expensive. Fortunately, taking advantage of an online pet pharmacy in Canada is a very real option these days.

The reason this type of online pet pharmacy has enjoyed the rushes of business they have is because it’s not just medications for humans that have become extremely expensive in America. The prices attached to pet medications can be pretty outrageous themselves, and they’re that way for exactly the same reasons that your prescription medications are so expensive. We won’t get into that today, but just say that there are a number of different forces that come into play pushing up the prices of prescription meds in America.

Pet Meds From Up North – For Less!

You’ll likely agree that you don’t need to know why ordering prescription medications for pets from Canada gets you a better price, and only need to know that it does! Nearly everyone has to be thrifty with their spending these days, and owning pets tends to be expensive to begin with. There’s a whole collection of reasons why your pet would need medication, from everyday ailments like chronic fleas to more serious life-threatening conditions like a heartworm infestation to managing arthritis.

For dogs, the most common health ailments are:

Flea & Tick Infestations if your dog goes outdoors, it’s near impossible to ensure they go an entire lifetime without getting fleas or ticks. Good news is these infestations are treatable AND preventable. Common medications you can order from a pet pharmacy online and are proven effective are K9 Advantix, Comfortis, and Nexgard.

Heartworm – contracted from mosquito bites and the resulting worm infestation can lead to heart failure and death. Regular preventative dosing with a product like Nuheart tablets or Heartgard Plus is recommended, and both products usually will be available from an online pet pharmacy in 2019.

Distemper – transmitted via an infected dog’s urine, saliva, or blood. Affects the respiratory, gastrointestinal, and central nervous systems and is best prevented by a vaccination.

Canine Parovirus – contracted through the feces of an infected dog and is an extremely contagious and potentially fatal virus. The standard course of treatment includes antibiotics and other medication. Some of these meds prescribed by your veterinarian may be available for better prices from an online pet pharmacy in Canada.

Kennel Cough – a highly contagious form of bronchitis that inflames the dog’s voice box and windpipe. Not potentially fatal, and treatment includes letting it run its course or taking prescription antibiotics. Another tip for temporary relief is to leave your pet in a steam-filled bathroom for a half hour or so.

Urinary tract infections – it’s very common for dogs to get a urinary tract infection at some point during their lives, and your dog will usually display very pronounced symptoms when urinating that will tip you off to the fact something’s not right. Antibiotics are the usual course of treatment.

Periodontal disease – this is an infection of the gums and is very common in dogs. The most typical symptom is chronically bad breath. Regular checkups with a vet dentist is recommended, and another easy-to-follow tip is to give your dog rawhide chews.  They’re actually good for your dog’s dental health, and most dogs love them.

Cat Care Too

Fleas and ticks are just as common for cats as they are for dogs, and cats get periodontal disease and urinary tract infections as frequently as dogs too. Ordering flea and tick medication from Canada with any online pet pharmacy found there is a good choice, and many of the products can be administered to either dogs or cats.

Heartworm is much less common in cats, but instances do occur. The medications highlighted above and regularly available from any online pet pharmacy 2019 will work just as well for felines as they do for canines. Cats are also more prone to obesity than dogs, but the only solution to that is for the owner to control food portions and try to get the cat moving more.

Cats also have a defined protocol for infectious diseases in the same way dogs do, and it typically involves vaccinations as determined by the veterinarian. The most notable of all contagious diseases frequently seen in cats include:

Feline viral rhinotracheitis – a contagious, debilitating upper respiratory illness caused by the feline herpes virus.

Feline Calicivirus – disease that results in upper respiratory system debilitation and ulcerations in the mouth.

Feline Panleukopenia – a potentially fatal gastrointestinal illness caused by a parovirus that is similar to the one that can infect dogs.

The Best Online Pet Pharmacy for 2019

Whatever it is that’s created the need for your pet to take medication, we think you’ll be very pleased with the selection, service, and pricing found at an online pet pharmacy like ours here at Total Pet Supply. That goes for non-prescription pet healthcare products from Canada too, and if you find a better price than the one at Total Pet Supply then they’ll beat it by 25% of the difference.

Continue to do as your heart tells you to, and do everything that’s needed to ensure your dog, cat, or other type of pet lives a long life in the best of health. The love is mutual, and if the roles were reversed you can bet they’d do the same for you.