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K9 Advantix II Reviews


Many pet owners will agree that ticks are a bigger problem and a much greater nuisance than fleas, and the biggest reason for that is that ticks dig in and embed themselves into the animal’s skin which causes increased irritation and localized pain / risk of infection for the animal. Fleas bite and move on, while a tick will attach and be parasitic for as long as it likes. That is unless of course those ticks are eliminated with an effective flea and tick medication, which is the best course of action if your pet has ticks.

There are a number of medications and products you can use for this purpose. Some pet owners will be hesitant to use any type of ingested pill or tablet, and for these people a topical flea and tick killer will be what they’ll want to use. K9 Advantix is one of the best topical tick medications, and it is also equally effective for removing fleas. K9 Advantix II is the next generation of the original formula, with the added ingredient of Pyriproxyfen. Both products are equally effective as the other common topical flea medications including Frontline Plus and Revolution.

Indeed, even though the product is available without a prescription it is still very effective for killing ticks and fleas. It’s often recommended by veterinarians, but as is always the case there are many pet owners who will prefer to trust in reviews from everyday people like themselves. A quick Google search will provide you with many K9 Advantix II reviews, but we’ll save you the time and detail some of them here. As you might imagine, the majority of K9 Advantix reviews are very positive.

Information on K9 Advantix

A big part of the appeal of K9 Advantix is that it’s an OTC (Over-the-Counter) medication that can be purchased without a prescription. No visit to a veterinarian will be required, and you can purchase it at any drug or pet store. K9 Advantix is available in 4 different dosage versions based on a pet’s weight:

  • Dark green package - Small dogs & puppies 1 to 10lbs
  • Teal package - Dogs 11 to 20lbs
  • Red package - Dogs 21 to 55lbs
  • Blue package - Dogs over 55lbs

Imidacloprid and Permethrin are the two active ingredients in K9 Advantix. Imidacloprid is an insecticide and kills fleas and ticks on contact, and Permethrin is an insect growth regulator that disrupts the hormone signaling ability of the insects and prevents the larvae from maturing. Reading K9 Advantix II reviews you’ll find assurances that the two of them make for one very effective medication.

One of the primary claims in many K9 Advantix reviews is that people like how one application of this quality topical flea medication for dogs will last for a 1 whole month. That’s on top of being able to kill the majority of fleas and ticks on pets within 12 hours of application, and killing the insects before they’re able to lay eggs.

K9 Advantix II Reviews

The new of positive K9 Advantix reviews confirm that this is quality flea and tick medication for dogs.

  • Bailey – “We wouldn’t use any type of flea control for our dogs. Both had problems with fleas, and they were losing fur and chewing on themselves constantly to try and get at them and stop the itching. Once we applied K9 Advantix II they experienced a lot of relief very quickly and we were finding dead fleas on the linoleum in the pet room.” 
  • Stella – “We switched over to this medication from another one because it was much better priced, and we assumed that because it was more inexpensive that it would be lower quality and less effective. That hasn’t been the case at all – K9 Advantix is just as effective and easy to apply. We’ll continue to use it exclusively from now on.” 
  • Greg – “I have a Labrador / Rhodesian Ridgeback cross and he’s a big boy who fleas seem to take a real shining to. I don’t trust meds, so I was looking for a topical flea and tick spray for him. Admittedly I’ve only tried this one, but it works so well and is so easy to apply that I really don’t see the need to use others. Priced right too.” 
  • Rhiannon P. – “My husband and I are one of those couples that has their dogs in the bedroom with us most nights, so it’s super important that we can know that there’s no chance of fleas being around. We’ve been using K9 Advantix for a while, and neither our dogs – or our home – seems to have fleas like they did before, so that’s an indication that this stuff works well. 
  • Theresa – “We were using a different product for relieving our dog of fleas. While it was effective, she seemed to be a bit out of sorts for a day after taking the meds. We have this one recommended to us by a good friend of the family and she said she’s used with her dogs for years. We took her advice and good thing we did – works well, goes right onto the skin, and works well without causing Daisy any unpleasantness.”

What you’re reading here are only a few of the positive K9 Advantix II reviews submitted online to a few different pet care product review sources we visit from time to time. There are plenty of similar K9 Advantix reviews out there online and they’re not difficult to find if you’d like to read more of them.

Keep in mind that with any pet medication – K9 Advantix included – it is important to follow the administering instructions EXACTLY as indicated on the packaging. Failing to do so is always the main reason why the medication is ineffective or the pet suffers some type of negative reaction to it.

Safe to say that K9 Advantix II reviews indicate that it is an excellent non-prescription topical medication for fleas and ticks. As mentioned, many owners like that it is not ingested by the dog and is applied to their skin instead. If you’re looking to provide your dog with the best relief from fleas and ticks then K9 Advantix II is definitely recommended. 

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