Dog Grooming Made Easy for Everyday Pet Owners

Dog Grooming Made Easy for Everyday Pet Owners


Dog grooming is important, and that’s true even if your dog is a short hair breed. Some people know how to groom a dog, while for others pet dog grooming is something owners pay a professional to do for them. The expense can add up though, so learning how to groom a dog can be part of caring for your furry friend as well as teaching you a new skill!

Dog grooming is not just related to your appearance, it is also tied into maintaining the animal’s good health. Many dog owners give their dog a good brush down every once in a while, and that keeps their coat healthy and is a standard grooming practice. It’s also the one that dogs like the most. Having a bath though? Not as much, mostly for dogs that don’t like when a human decides when they’re going to get wet.

So, if you’re giving your dog a bath and he or she isn’t going along with it well, just be thankful you’re not bathing your dog after they’ve had an encounter with a skunk. That’s one heck of a nasty stench, and so if you ever need to know how to get skunk spray off your dog, here you go. Who knew that keeping a large tin of tomato juice in your pantry was such a good idea?

What we want to delve into now some basic DIY dog grooming tips so that you can keep yours looking and feeling good without having to take them to a pet grooming place every time.


Different dogs have different hair types, and that means a dog’s brushing needs will be different depending on its hair type. Dog grooming here will start with choosing the right brush and that is something that the people at your local pet supply store will be able to help you with. Don’t just buy any dog brush, get one that will maximize the process for you as brushing your dog is something you’re going to be doing a lot.

Long-haired dogs like Maltese may require daily brushings or combing to prevent matting and tangling of hair. Dogs with more medium length hair will also have a greater chance of fur becoming matted or tangled and these dogs will probably need to be brushed at least once a week. Short-haired dogs don’t need to be brushed as often, although pet owners of any type of dog may want to also go over their dog’s fur with flea comb too as part of effective flea control for dogs. That’s not dog grooming per se, but it is something that’s very necessary if you’re dog has got fleas.

Nail Trimming

Now here’s one dog grooming area that is almost always going to be challenge for people if they decide to do it on their own. Most dogs REALLY dislike having their nails clipped, but it’s something that has to be done. If your dog squirms and does everything it can to get away then you shouldn’t be surprised because this is what pretty much EVERY dog does.

If you have a dog nail clipper tool it is very important that you make sure the guard is down on the clipper. This is a small swiveling piece that is on the side of the clipper shears, and when you have it in place it limits how much nail you’re able to clip off. This is important because if a dog’s nail is cut too short then it will be painful for them. And then they’re going to have big time objections to it and the next time you try to cut your dog’s nails as part of dog grooming.

An alternative to nail trimming is the use of a rotary tool to file down dog nails. Many dog owners say this is a much better way to trim nails and you may be a lot farther along with learning how to groom a dog.


Next up in our discussion of dog grooming is giving your dog a bath. Generally speaking it’s easier to give baths to small dogs, even if they’re not going along with it willingly. But when you have a large dog that’s opposed to being bathed it becomes a lot more challenging. There are tips for bathing your dog, and it’s good to know them because bathing is one grooming activity that dogs won’t be able to skip. If your dog gets dirty, it must have a bath otherwise you’re probably not going to allow it back in the house.

Always use a gentle shampoo that is intended for dogs, and flea and tick shampoos are a good choice if your dog is taking flea and tick medication but continues to struggle with these parasites. Use warm water and make sure that you rinse your dog’s fur very thoroughly so that no dog shampoo residue remains.

Trimming / Clipping

If you have steady hands and are patient, then you may be able trim your dog’s coat using dog trimming shears that are designed to let you pull the fur straight and then move the blades along the length to cut it at just the right spot. Be very careful when doing tis around your dog’s ears for obvious reasons.

Most dog owners like maximum convenience and speediness when it comes to dog grooming, and so they will trim their dog using an electric dog hair clipper. These units really speed up the job and it’s easy to adjust the clipper so that it trims the hair to exactly the same length all over the animal. One last mention; be careful not to cut whiskers if you’re using an electric clipper to trim dog fur and you’re using it near their snout.

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