How to Get Rid of a Flea Infestation Fast

How to Get Rid of a Flea Infestation Fast


Fleas are one of the most common external parasites that can be harmful to our pets. If you’re a pet owner, you should learn how to identify the signs and how to get rid of a flea infestation. There are many types of medications on the market that are fast-acting, such as Capstar for cats or dogs. This oral tablet should kill almost all the fleas in less than eight hours and is safe for pets of all shapes, sizes, and ages.

Fleas are parasites that feed off animals and are spread by jumping from pet to pet. These pests are picked up by your cat or dog while they are out and are then transferred to other pets or people. They multiply fast and can embed themselves into furniture or carpeting. In as short as two weeks, they can go from egg, larva, cocoon, to adult flea if the environmental conditions are perfect. By understanding their lifecycle, we can better learn how to get rid of a flea infestation.

Flea Symptoms and How to Spot them

Fleas are easy to spot on your cat or dog by the sight of little dark spots moving around in their fur. Around your house you may also find flea droppings that look like black pepper or white specks which are flea eggs. You and your pet may experience telltale signs of fleas like itchiness, red patches and skin irritation. Other symptoms include hives, rashes, swelling, scabbing and your pet’s gums might start looking pale from all the blood loss from flea bites. Therefore, if your pet starts scratching excessively, it may be time to check their fur and take them to the vet. If you are still unsure, you can use a flea comb and search through the fur for fleas and kill them manually.

If your pet has an infestation, then your home has probably become a breading ground for fleas. Therefore, how to get rid of a flea infestation requires that you clean your home from top to bottom. Start by vacuuming all the carpets, upholstery, and mattresses. Use a steam cleaner at the places your pet frequents to kill any fleas or eggs with heat and make sure to wash all your beddings and clothes too. You may also want to fumigate your home and do some yard work by removing any shady brush and mowing the lawn to prevent fleas from hiding in tall grass.

Top Pet Medicines to Stop Flea Infestation

For dogs, K9 Advantix II is a one of the great medicines to stop fleas from biting your dog. Simply apply this waterproof topical cream to your dog and it will quickly repel and kill fleas, ticks and their eggs in as little as 10 minutes after application. For our feline friends, a good option is Frontline Plus for Cats for quick flea relief. The fast-acting nature and easy application means that your cat should be flea-free in a matter of 4 to 12 hours. If you are trying to figure out how to get rid of a flea infestation, these are two of the top pet medicines to stop flea infestations quickly. 

Preventative Flea Treatments

The following treatments are the best ways how to get rid of a flea infestation and stop them from coming back. Frontline for Cats or Dogs can also be used as a monthly preventative flea medication. Flea treatments are available as a topical cream, an oral pill or even worn as a flea collar. Talk to your veterinarian to determine how to get rid of a flea infestation and which preventative treatment is right for your pet. Proper prevention requires consistency but also a clean environment free from potential flea breading grounds.

If you have had fleas in the past and live in a relatively humid climate, vacuuming your home regularly is your first line of defense from fleas. Make sure to empty out your vacuum outside or wash the canister with hot soapy water to prevent fleas from hatching in your appliance. You should also clean your pet beds and other places they frequent in your home on a regular basis. Performing regular yard work will also prevent fleas by removing moist and shade covered areas where they thrive. Pest exterminators recommend mowing grass, trimming shrubbery, and getting rid of any leaves or clippings which will make it harder for fleas to reproduce.

Home Remedies

If your pet is suffering from a flea infestation, there are some home remedies you can do to ease their discomfort. Giving them a bath and rubbing some Aloe Vera on affected areas will help with the itching. Laying down some baking soda or salt on a rug before vacuuming will dehydrate fleas and make them easier to suck up. You can also create a flea trap with water and dish soap. Place the mixture in a room with lots of flea activity and they should jump right in.

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