Frontline Plus For Dogs 88-132 lbs Product Uses & Review

Frontline Plus for Dogs 88 - 132 lbs


Frontline Plus is a medicine that kills fleas and ticks in dogs and cats. It is a fast-acting medicine and can kill all adult fleas within 12 hours of application and can kill all chewing lice and ticks within 48 hours. It also contains S-methoprene, an insect growth regulator, and can get rid of flea eggs and larvae as well. Frontline Plus also works against the lone star tick, brown dog tick, American dog tick, and the deer tick.

How does Frontline Plus work?

Frontline Plus consists of two active ingredients – Fipronil and S-Methoprene, both of which are stored in the sebaceous glands. Fipronil is a slow-acting poison and an insecticide which affects the central nervous system of ticks and fleas, while S-Methropone is an insect growth regulator which kills larvae and flea eggs. Frontline Plus works by removing Fipronil and S-Methropone from the hair follicles and repeatedly applying them to the coat, giving long-lasting and waterproof protection.

Advantages of using Frontline Plus for dogs 88-132 lbs.

  • Can keep your dog protected from fleas and ticks for a month after application
  • Its waterproof protection will not affect your dog’s swimming
  • Helps to control sarcoptic mange infection in dogs
  • Kills ticks, fleas, and lice within 48 hours

How to apply Frontline Plus on dogs for 88-132 lbs.

Frontline Plus should only be applied to dogs which are older than 8 weeks. Frontline Plus for dogs 88-132 lbs. is available in 4.02 ml applicators and should not be reapplied for 30 days. It is advisable to let it dry and wait 24 hours before bathing your dog or letting him go for a swim.

To apply Frontline Plus, you first need to remove your dog’s collar. Find a spot between the shoulder blades, preferably an area that can’t be licked, and apply the applicator’s contents directly on the skin of your dog.

Do not apply Frontline Plus on your dog’s hair coat and avoid contact with the wet application spot until dry. Give each of your dog its own dose and visit your veterinarian immediately if you overdose your dog on Frontline Plus. If you forget to give your pet its dose of Frontline Plus, give the forgotten dose once you remember but do not double the dose of his medication.

Side effects of using Frontline Plus

Frontline Plus is an effective and easy-to-use flea medication but can have some side effects on your dog. Most side effects will go away within 24 hours but visit your veterinarian immediately if any of the side effects worsen or persist. Some common side effects include:

  • Any skin irritations like itching, hair loss, or redness
  • Any neurological problems such as lethargy or uncoordinated movement
  • Swelling
  • Diarrhea
  • Loss of appetite
  • Excessive salivation

Precautions to take before using Frontline Plus

Apply Frontline Plus only according to the amount needed by your dog. Do not exceed the amount indicated on the product and do not use it with any other flea medication. Using more than one medicine together can increase the risk of an overdose and can permanently harm your dog.

It is advisable to wear disposable gloves while applying Frontline Plus to avoid any physical contact or damage to your skin. Remember to wash your hands using soap and water after applying Frontline Plus on your dog to avoid any further damage to your skin. Wait for the medication to dry and absorb before playing or touching the treated area and properly dispose off the empty applicator after use.

If you own other pets, it is advisable to keep the dog you are treating away from other animals to avoid them from grooming each other and consequently consuming the harmful chemicals.

Be extremely cautious when applying Frontline Plus to damaged skin.

Keep this medication away from heat and flames.

Frontline Plus can be toxic to humans if ingested. Contact your doctor immediately if you swallow this medication. Drink water and flush your eyes with water to avoid any eye damage. It is not advisable to induce vomiting unless instructed by your doctor.

Is it safe to use Frontline Plus?

In spite of the increased toxicity found in Fipronil, which is one of the main ingredients of this medication, Frontline Plus is safe to use and will not have any severe side effects. This is because only less than 5% of Fipronil actually passes through the skin; thus there is not a high enough concentration to have any adverse effects. However, this percentage is only applicable to dogs with healthy skin. It's possible that a higher percentage of Fipronil can pass through the skin in dogs who have damaged or unhealthy skin. In conclusion, Frontline Plus for dogs 88-132 lbs. is safe to use if only the required dose is applied, preferably every 30 days.

Is Frontline Plus the right medication for your dog?

It is possible that your dog experiences severe side effects even if you are giving it the proper dose. Ensure that your dog isn't allergic to any of the active ingredients found in Frontline Plus before giving him a dose to prevent any severe allergic reaction. If your dog does have an allergic reaction, visit your veterinarian for immediate treatment. Allergic reactions are characterized by swelling of the lips, face, and tongue, lethargy, seizures, or coma.

Do not give Frontline Plus to your dog if it is exceptionally old or young. It is also not advisable to give this medication if your dog has a poor immune system. However, if your dog is perfectly healthy, has no allergies, is not very old or young, and is given the correct dose of Frontline Plus every month, it should not experience any side effects and should be rid of fleas and ticks within 48 hours.