Frontline Plus For Dogs 45-88 lbs Product Uses & Review

Frontline Plus for Dogs 45 - 88 lbs


Frontline Plus for dogs 45-88 lbs. does not only kill the adult fleas and ticks present on your pet but also kills off the entire next generation of flea eggs and larvae. This medication can work for thirty days without stopping in between and is made up of two robust killing ingredients.

Both these ingredients work alongside each other and help in killing fleas and ticks all month long. One of the ingredients is fipronil, and this helps in killing off the adult fleas and ticks. The second ingredient present in Frontline plus for 45-8 lbs. is (S)-methoprene and this attacks flea eggs and their larvae. These two ingredients work for a long period of time and help in destroying the next generation of flea eggs and ticks.

Frontline Plus helps in preventing flea and tick infestation on your beloved pet and protects it from various diseases, which is why Frontline Plus is highly recommended by veterinarians.

Key Benefits

Frontline Plus for dogs 45 88 lbs. provides a fast acting approach, long-lasting treatment and is absolutely safe to use on dogs that weigh between 45-88 pounds.

Frontline Plus helps in killing mature fleas, mites, ticks, chewing lice, as well as larvae and flea eggs that may transmit Lyme disease in your dog.

Frontline Plus for dogs 45-88 lbs. is highly recommended to use by veterinarians to help control ticks and fleas in dogs.

This medication contains fipronil that helps in killing existing ticks and fleas’ infestations. It also helps in killing fleas before they get a chance to lay eggs and hence, helps in preventing the rebirth of these blood-sucking creatures for 30 days.

This medication helps in providing waterproof effectiveness which is why this drug can be used on your pet during their swimming or bathing days and also works effectively with sunlight.


  • First Aid

Make sure that you have the container of Frontline Plus for dogs 45-88 lbs. before you call a poison center or your doctor. Also, keep this container with you if you are going for treatment.

  • Swallowed

If your pet swallows this medication by accident, make sure that you act fast and immediately call a poison control center or your pet’s veterinarian. Make sure that your pet sips a glass of water if he swallows this medication. Do not induce any vomiting unless directed by your doctor and avoid giving anything to your pet orally if it is unconscious.

  • Enters Eyes

If Frontline for dogs 45 88 lbs. enters the eye, then hold their eye open and rinse it slowly and very gently for twenty to twenty-five minutes.

If it enters your eyes, then remove contact lenses right away and rinse it and call your doctor instantly.

  • Contact With Skin

If this medication comes in contact with your skin or clothing, then take off your contaminated clothes right away and rinse your skin immediately with a lot of water for 15-20 minutes.

How To Use

To apply this product, make sure that you remove the applicator first. You can do this by easily removing the plastic tab. This will expose a foil backing on the applicator; you can easily tear this foil, peel it away or use scissors to get ahold of the applicator.

To open the applicator, you can hold it upright with the foil side facing you and then snap open the tip of this applicator.

Now you can apply Frontline Plus for dogs 45-88 lbs.; to do this properly, you must part your pet’s hair from above the shoulder blades as well as the base of the neck of your pet. Now, place the applicator tip right on top of your pet’s skin and squeeze the medication out.

Make sure that you apply the entire contents of the medication in the applicator in one spot and also make sure that it is on your pet’s skin. Avoid applying this medication to your dog's hair coat and do not have any contact with this area until and unless the medication has dried.

Keep in mind that your dog must not digest this product. It should also not be applied to dogs greater than 8 weeks of age and those who weigh less than 45 lbs. Also, do not use more than one application on your dog in a month.

What Are The Side Effects Of Frontline Plus?

This drug may cause your pet to undergo slight irritation at first, but this will be temporary, so there is nothing to worry about. However, if the signs of irritation become very severe and persistent after a few days of using, then consult your pet’s doctor right away.

When giving this product, make sure to observe how your dog reacts to this medication as some dogs are sensitive to such pesticide products. This drug is ideal for use in breeding, pregnant, and nursing dogs; however, do consult your doctor before using it on aged, medicated, and sick dogs.

What To Avoid When Using Frontline Plus?

Even though this medication is an ideal choice for veterinarians, you must take care of some things when using this product. Make sure that your dog is far away from open flame and heat. Do not double dose on this drug and if you miss a dose, give it as soon as you remember.

Until and unless the application site has dried completely, do not bath your dog or let it go swimming.

Overall, this product is considered a great product for using on your pet to get rid of fleas and ticks once and for all, and it is also very safe to use. Grab your box of Frontline Plus for dogs 45-88lbs. from Total Pet Supply today!