Comfortis for Cats to Get Rid of Fleas

Comfortis for Cats to Get Rid of Fleas


Pet owners everywhere are aware of the many parasites that roam and are waiting to find a warm furry host to land on. An underrated, yet pesky parasite that will make your life, and the life of your cat hell is the flea. They spread like crazy, and before you know it, they have gotten everywhere. With warmer weather upon us, the dreaded flea season is also approaching. Many cat owners struggle to find the right treatment to effectively get rid of fleas so it is time to find a solution, once and for all. Let this be the last flea season you suffer by purchasing a Comfortis flea pill for cats. Comfortis is the first FDA approved chewable tablet that kills and prevents further flea infestations.

What are Fleas?

Fleas are tiny little insects that jump onto animals and suck on their blood. You can think of them as your cat’s very own tiny little vampire that lays eggs and multiplies insanely fast. If left untreated, fleas are dangerous as they can make kittens and even grown cats anemic by sucking blood non-stop. Fleas lay eggs, produce larvae and are themselves host to intestinal parasites which, if ingested by your cat, can grow into tapeworms leading to a whole lot of other medical issues. They can also bite humans as they are simply looking for blood.

How Did Your Cat Get Fleas?

Fleas can be transferred from one pet to another, they can get on your cat outside or even from carpets or furniture that have fleas. Cat fleas, Ctenocephalides felis, are extremely common and nearly impossible to escape. They can jump up to 12 inches, lay eggs on a host animal and with the eggs easily falling off everywhere, continue this vicious cycle. This is where a trusted, and effective medication like Comfortis flea pills for cats comes in handy. Comfortis for cats kills the fleas that are already in place, and further protects your cat from future infestations by killing new fleas once they bite.

Is Comfortis Safe for Cats?

Comfortis uses an active ingredient called Spinosad which works by introducing hyperexcitation to the nervous system of fleas. Spinosad is naturally derived from soil microbes which are toxic to insects but safe for cats and dogs. This medication on cats and kittens that are 14 weeks of age or older, and who weigh more than 4.1 lbs, however, Comfortis has not been tested on breeding, pregnant, or lactating cats and should be avoided. 

Directions to Use:

Comfortis flea medication for cats is a prescription medication and a veterinarian must be consulted.  Comfortis must be stored at room temperature, and away from the reach of children.  For easy consumption, the Comfortis for cats tablet can be crushed and mixed with both wet and dry food, however, you must ensure that all the food is eaten to ensure consumption of the entire dose. For cats that are picky eaters or for small kittens, one dose can be split up in two meals, but it is important that the one dose is consumed on the same day. 

In What Dosage is Comfortis Safe for Cats?

Comfortis flea treatment comes in different packages based on the weight of your cat in order to ensure a safe yet effective dosage in each use. Every dose should only be administered once a month to cats that are 14 weeks or older. The different packaging are as followed:

  • The pink package is for cats between 4.1-6 lbs and contains 140 mg of Spinosad.
  • The orange package is for cats between 6.1-12 lbs and contains 270 mg of Spinosad.
  • The green package is for cats between 12.1-24 lbs and contains 560 mg of Spinosad. 

Possible Side Effects:

Like with most other medications, Comfortis does have some side effects; especially when cats are given incorrect dosages without consulting a veterinarian. The most common side effect is vomiting, and less common side effects are weight loss, excessive salivation, trembling, itching, diarrhoea, incoordination, depression, loss of appetite, and lethargy. Although these side effects are rare, they should be reported to a veterinarian immediately. 

Why Use Comfortis For Cats?

Some of the benefits of using Comfortis flea pill for cats are:

  • That one dose lasts for the full month.
  • That it can kill fleas even before they start laying eggs.
  • It kills fleas within 30 minutes to an hour after first use.
  • It is easy to consume as a beef flavoured, chewable tablet.
  • Kills 98% of fleas in cats.
  • That Comfortis is available in various different doses.

Given the many great benefits of Comfortis for cats, cat owners now have a safe and effective solution for getting rid of fleas. What are you waiting for, check out the amazing pricing of Comfortis flea treatment for cats here!

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