Full-On Flea Fighter - Comfortis for Dogs

Full-On Flea Fighter - Comfortis for Dogs


They’re not in the national spotlight like they used to be, but there was a time that the Duggar family of Arkansas and their 19 children was quite the spectacle and the cause for some serious amazement across the country. They even made a TV show out of it. People would be shocked that any couple could have that many children and not be overwhelmed by it.

You may be taken aback by that, but fleas certainly wouldn’t be. Yes, fleas. Those nasty little jumping and biting trespassers. 19 little ones? That’s laughable to a flea, but they won’t be getting a TV show anytime soon.

They reproduce on a scale that makes a number like 19 look absolutely miniscule, and those populating capacities are what makes a medication like Comfortis for dogs so important. Fleas can lay 20+ eggs at a time and 500 over the course of their short lives. This is why pet owners need to have an effective flea prevention medication that kills fleas and kills flea eggs too.

Flea sprays work well, but you need to be careful about not coming into contact with that stuff. A flea collar just isn’t as effective as the spray, and really the best flea treatment is to use a chewable flea medication tablet like Comfortis for dogs. Having a dog wearing a flea collar is not a good idea if you have young children in the home. Most kids will love to pet dogs, but they also often put their fingers in their mouths.

It’s true that having a dog in the family when kids are young is very beneficial for them. But anyone who’s grown up with a family pet could have already told you that. Flea and tick medication has come along way over the decades too and the Comfortis flea pill for dogs is a good example; it doesn’t just kill some fleas. It kills nearly all of them – in about 4 hours. Give it to your dog once a month and you’re good to go for preventing fleas.

Tastiest Flea Med in Town

And that giving couldn’t be any easier. There isn’t a single dog on the whole planet who doesn’t love beef, and that’s why they always gobble up a Comfortis for dogs flea tablet quite readily. They wouldn’t even actually know it’s a flea killer medication and think it’s just a tasty treat from the favorite human. A lot of times dog owners have to put pet medication into wet dog food or even a piece of cheese to get their dog to eat it.

That’s not going to be the case for Comfortis for dogs. It’s got to be the tastiest flea preventative in town. An online pet pharmacy may tell customers that they can’t get Comfortis without a prescription from a veterinarian, and many will need a prescription for Comfortis. This pharmacy is one of them too. You’ll need a prescription for Comfortis pharmacy when ordering pet medication online, and your dog’s flea meds will be dispensed properly.

Flea Wipeout

We’re not talking about the most iconic surf rock song of all time when we talk about a wipeout here. A big part of why Comfortis for dogs is one of the best flea killer medications is because it pretty much wipes out flea colonies. As in kills all of them. No survivors left to torment your pooch any longer.

Controlled lab studies have shown Comfortis for dogs can kill a full 100% of fleas within 4 hours, and it’s also good that it’s a once a month flea tablet that can kill fleas and flea eggs. And if you have cats as part of the family too Comfortis for cats is nearly as effective, with the same study indicating a 98% kill rate for that flea medication.

Nexgard is another good flea killer medication for anyone wondering how flea medicines work. It has the added advantage of being a flea and tick killer medication. Comfortis is exclusively a flea killer, but as indicated it’s maybe the best flea killer chewable out there when you decide it’s time to get rid of fleas on my dog. And it’s not expensive either – dog owners can give their dog year-round flea protection for less than $200 a year with Comfortis for dogs.

All with a tasty treat that you give to your dog just once a month.

Nexgard is a good choice if you live in certain parts of America where ticks and Lyme disease are increasing, and your dogs are regularly active outdoors. It’s nearly impossible to prevent ticks from falling onto your dog sometimes. You definitely want to protect your dog from ticks, and a combo flea and tick tablet like Nexgard is a good choice.

Try This Too

Some dog owners like to use a good flea killer medication along with a natural flea prevention approach at the same time. Sometime the animal responds really well to this, and more than a few owners have talked about how you can use apple cider vinegar for natural flea prevention. If you’d like to try to make a natural vinegar flea spray or vinegar bath for fleas and use it along with Comfortis for dogs flea chews then it’s certainly not difficult to do. You can use plain white vinegar too, but be sure to be exact about the mixture.

Wipe out fleas with the Comfortis flea pill for dogs.