How To Treat Fleas In Smaller Dogs?

How To Treat Fleas In Smaller Dogs?


Dog owners are often at a roadblock when it comes to getting rid of fleas, especially the owners of small and extra small dogs. This is due to the fact that many medications are dosed for larger dogs weighing 10 lbs or more. Without much choice, some people are under the impression that simply splitting a medication in half will be sufficient at correctly administering the right dosage, but they are wrong. Administering an incorrect dosage will lead to serious side effects and could also potentially be deathly for your beloved pet. Dog owners must then be on the lookout for an effective, yet safe, medication for their small dog like Comfortis for dogs 5 10 lbs. 

What are Fleas and Why are They Important?

Most dog owners are already familiar and have become accustomed to fleas. However, if you are a new owner or have recently purchased a small puppy or a small dog, you may not know if you have a problem. Fleas are parasites that feed on animals and spread by jumping from one animal on to the other. Once settled, they will lay eggs, produce larva, further spread. If eaten by your pet, they will internally grow into tapeworm. 

Dog owners spot them once they see little dark spots jumping and moving in their dog’s fur. However, it may be difficult to see if you have a small dog. It is recommended that you check your dog’s fur if they show signs of itchiness, rashes, or general discomfort. If you notice fleas, you must treat it immediately. Untreated fleas can spread all over your house including other pets, furniture and even yourself.  If this happens, you must effectively get your dog rid of fleas using a safe medication, as well as do a massive deep clean of your house to get rid of all fleas and eggs laying around. This is why it is recommended that you use a preventative measure before the problem is out of hand. Small dog owners often don’t know what is safe for their small dog when dealing with fleas.

What is the Solution for Small Dog Owners?

Before using any medication, dog owners should consult with a veterinarian and find the right medication for their pet. Pet medications, just like medications for humans, need to be administered at the right dosage. However, owners of smaller dogs will either have to choose between leaving the flea problem untreated or risk using medication intended for bigger dogs. Both of these are not safe solutions as both can be hazardous and deathly. 

Small dog owners need a medication that will be safe and effective. This is where Comfortis for dogs 5 - 10 lbs comes in handy! Comfortis is the first FDA-approved, chewable beef-flavored tablet that safely and effectively kills fleas and prevents flea infestations on dogs and cats for a full month. The beauty of this brand is that they also offer Comfortis for dogs under 5 pounds. With this product, small dog owners can treat a flea infestation or prevent one using a safe medication for their small dog. 

Why Use This Product?

Dog owners choose to use Comfortis for dogs 5 10 lbs as it is safe, effective and affordable. Another reason why dog owners love using this product is because of the easy to use nature of this medication. The chewable tablet will leave virtually no mess as opposed to topical medications. This product is also perfect for younger puppies and playful dogs as it can be given as food or a treat without much fuss. 

Another reason why Comfortis for dogs 5 10 lbs is a great product is because treatment can begin at any time. However, it is recommended that it be timed to act as a preventative measure and administered one month before flea season is due to begin, but can be given even when infestation has already begun. The main ingredient in Comfortis for dogs 5 10 lbs is Spinosad. This kills fleas by attacking their nervous system and killing them rapidly. This product lasts for a full month at each dosage and begins being effective within 30 minutes of first use. 

How to Get Comfortis for Dogs 5 - 10 lbs?

Comfortis is easy to use and can be given either on its own or crumbled in dog food. As this is a medication, it does require a prescription from a veterinarian. Comfortis for dogs 5 - 10 lbs can be purchased from the comfort of your home here. You are able to call 1-866-501-6038 if you have any questions about how to get this product without a prescription. 

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