Where to Get Capstar for Cats & Dogs? Buy Capstar Online

Capstar for Cats


Some people mistakenly believe that fleas are only a problem for dogs. That’s incorrect, as these extremely problematic insects are also found on pet cats, rabbits, and pretty much any warm-blood mammal that has a fur coat. However, dogs and cats will always be the primary focus when it comes to flea medications because they are the two most common types of house pets. It’s difficult to prevent your pet getting fleas much of the time, but the good news is there are many effective flea medications available. Capstar is one of them, and there’s no difference between Capstar for cats and Capstar for dogs. The same one can be given to either type of animal.

So, where can you get Capstar? Because it’s an OTC (over-the-counter) medication you can purchase it without a prescription at your local pet store. If not, it’s always available online from any number of retailers. However, ordering pet medication online from Canada is often a better choice for getting the best price, and you can order Capstar for dogs right here from Total Pet Supply.

How is Capstar Effective for Killing Fleas

The active ingredient in Capstar is Nitenpyram, a fast-acting, broad-spectrum insecticide neurotoxin that paralyzes and kills fleas. After being consumed it is absorbed into the dog or cat’s bloodstream, and it makes its way into the fleas when they consume the pet’s blood after biting it. The fact that it kills fleas isn’t what makes Capstar for dogs and Capstar for cats unique. Instead, it’s the fact that it kills nearly 100% of fleas in less than 8 hours on average that makes it one of the best flea medications for pets.

A single dose of Capstar flea medication is usually all that’s needed to kill all the pests, and there are two dosages available:

  • Dogs and Cats 25 pounds and less (11.4mg tablet)
  • Dogs 25.1 pounds and over (57.0mg tablet)

Capstar is most effective when paired with PROGRAM flea prevention medication that breaks the flea life cycle by inhibiting egg development. This means that future flea infestations are unlikely for your pet, and of course that’s the way you’d prefer it to be. This pairing of Capstar for dogs or Capstar for cats and Program is highly recommended.

Many pet owners report getting the best results possible when also washing their pet with a flea shampoo about 8 to 10 hours after giving their dog or cat the medication. Now of course giving a cat a bath may be impossible given the fact most of them hate the water, but if your cat will tolerate it then it’s going to be helpful.

Adam’s Plus Shampoo is a good choice as an all-natural flea shampoo that you can feel okay about washing down the drain. It contains natural aloe, lanolin, and oatmeal and is suitably effective when used with a good flea medication for dogs.

Purchasing Advantages for Capstar from TPS

As mentioned, ordering discounted pet medication online from Canada is something the majority of pet owners in America will want to consider. Total Pet Supply has supplier agreements and other advantages that allow them to make Capstar for dogs and Capstar for cats available at the best price. Other reasons to order Capstar flea tablets online from TPS? How about:

  • A 125% price match guarantee - Total Pet Supply will beat any lower price on this flea medication by 25% of the difference in price offered by another retailer (terms and conditions apply)
  • $10 credit for every customer referral you send us
  • 3 different shipping options – free standard shipping on orders over $99 / standard shipping for $15 for all orders over 1 year / $9.95 pay-as-you-go standard shipping for each order

Capstar is available without a prescription, but if you have spoken with your veterinarian and they feel that a prescription flea medication will be more suitable for your pet then Total Pet Supply also has these products available at the same best prices when you order pet medication online from Canada. Among them are Heartgard Plus, Revolution (Stronghold), Comfortis, Nuheart, Interceptor Spectrum, and Bravecto.

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