Frontline vs Advantage for Cats

Advantage for Cats as a Top Flea and Tick Medication for Pets


Cats tend to be a whole lot more guarded with expressing themselves as compared to dogs, but there are sometimes that’s not the case and especially when what’s bothering them can’t be ignored. A terrible itch makes that list, and when your cat has fleas it’s going to be every bit as obvious as if a dog had them. Cats may be quadrupeds, but only the rear legs are suitable for scratching and there’s a whole lot of area where they can’t scratch effectively. It must be tormenting for them, so of course cat owners will want a reliable flea killer medication like Advantage for cats.

It’s not the only good flea med for cats though. Frontline is another one, and both have their advantages. Which is important, because cat scratch disease (Bartonella infection) is among the many serious problems that can come from neglecting to deal with fleas on cats. Another reason Advantage for cats or another good flea solution for cats is important is because they tend to hold onto Bartonella infections for a long time. If there’s other cats in the house, or in the neighborhood if your cat is an outdoor cat, then they may well get the infection from your cat.

Being a responsible pet owner is important, and most cat owners will agree with this and try their best to keep their pet in good health. For their sake, but also for the sake of others. Ticks are increasingly a problem too, and especially in certain areas of the country. Ticks are the equal of fleas when it comes to being dastardly and malicious, but one of the things that’s different from dogs is that cats rarely get Lyme disease from tick bites. Nonetheless, it’s best to get rid of ticks on cats too and fortunately Advantage flea and tick is able to do both. But Frontline does too.

So with Frontline vs Advantage, is one any better than the other when it comes to prevent fleas and ticks on cats? That’s what we’re going to look at here today, and we’ll wrap it up by sharing a fragrant suggestion about a natural way to combat fleas while your cat rests or is asleep.

Faster Acting

Advantage for Cats and Frontline Spray for Cats are each other’s equal when it comes to be an effective flea medication for cats. Both kill upwards of 95% of fleas on cats and IF you can get your cat to accept being bathed (tall order a lot of the time) you’ll see the proof of that with the rinse. A whole lot of microscopic meanies going down the drain. So yes, Frontline for cats is just as good as Advantage for cats when it comes to how many fleas and ticks are eliminated.

There are other ways to get rid of fleas on pets, but using a medication is nearly always the most speedy and thorough way. But when it comes to pure speed, Advantage for cats has the advantage, and decidedly so. While Frontline Plus kills 98+% of fleas within 24 hours, Advantage for cats vanquishes the same percentage of them in half the time – 12 hours. So if you’re not in the mood to be patient with seeing results, Advantage cat and flea may be the way to go for you.

Shorter Window

So while we know Advantage works faster, it also doesn’t prevent new fleas on cats for as long as Frontline does. The difference is not much, generally a week or so. Frontline keeps fleas off cats for about a month, while Advantage for cats is around 3 weeks before you’ll need to reapply the flea killer spray for cats. Both of these products have the added advantage of killing flea eggs and larvae as well, and that’s why you don’t have to apply the solution very often to get the results you want for your pet.

And you will want those results, because no one wants to see their cat scratching themselves so frantically and furiously. However, don’t always assume that incessant scratching is always because of fleas on cats. Cats can get eczema too just like humans do, and the scratching may be the result of developing eczema. As is always the case – see your vet as soon as you can.

Cedar Smells

Most people will recognize the smell of cedar wood, and most olfactory nerves find that scent very pleasant. But here’s another idea you can consider and what we’ll wrap up this blog entry with. Fleas hate that scent that humans like so much, so getting a cedar chip pet bed for your cat might be a good idea. It won’t get rid of all the fleas on your cat, but it may lessen the extent of the problem by causing some of those critters to split and aim to find a new host.

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